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Janell Ephraim

Welcome to Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary. We are committed to creating a school that knows no limits to the academic success of each student. We believe and stand behind our mission, “Dream, believe, achieve: We can succeed.”

King is a certified AVID elementary school and a member of the No Excuses University Network of schools. Partnerships with these organizations assist us as we motivate, inspire and empower our students with the self-discipline and determination it takes to succeed. We believe that our students can do anything they put their minds to. As a staff, we accept that it is our responsibility to help our students reach their maximum potential academically, physically, socially and emotionally. We are committed to providing opportunities which will promote our students in becoming safe, respectful, responsible and productive citizens.

We cannot do this without you! We each play an integral part to ensure that no excuse gets in the way of students’ hopes, dreams and learning.

We believe that education is a partnership between the school, students, parents/guardians and community. For this reason, we invite you to become an active participant in our school community through volunteering, joining our PTO or attending and supporting school events.

Please take the time to explore our website. If you are coming to King as a student, parent or volunteer, I am excited to welcome you. Please feel free to contact me at


Janell Ephraim
Principal, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary

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